Quarterly Payments Fintech Review

    Service Description

    Financing of financial technology (fintech) companies has rapidly increased in recent years. The increase in investment in payments-related fintech firms comes as new technology, regulatory intervention, and changing consumer preferences and attitudes toward established service providers pave the way for disruption across the broader banking and payments industry.

    The Quarterly Payments Fintech Review documents will provide information on trends and dynamics in fintech financing in each quarter. The analysis categorizes companies receiving funding by business focus and geography and describes the five largest deals to highlight where the next generation of payments companies may be expected to emerge.

    Members of all of Mercator Advisory Group's advisory services (Banking Channels, Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Emerging Technologies, Global Payments, and Commercial and Enterprise Payments) have access to the research document and this Quarterly Payments Pulse series, as do subscribers to the series.