The Era of Real-Time Payments Is Dawning in the U.S. With the Rollout This Year of New Processing Rails


 Mercator Advisory Group releases new research with a focus on use cases versus business cases for real-time payments.

Boston, MA – June 05, 2017 – After years of effort by the FedPayments Improvement teams and private industry, faster payments rails are beginning to be launched in the United States. The platforms that are finding their way to market do not meet all of the desired outcomes of the Federal Reserve’s published guidance, but they have enough value for now, with further capabilities anticipated to evolve over the next several months.

A new ForeSight report from Mercator Advisory Group evaluates what might be the best use cases and where the business case may also align for participants in the payments industry.

Download this complimentary ForeSight report, Justifying Real-Time Payments in the United States, for free.

“The industry is excited at the prospect of truly new payments options. It comes at a cost, however. Many use cases have been identified that appeal to consumers and businesses alike. What is unknown, at this early stage, is whether those positive use cases will drive enough transaction business and profitability to justify the investment for financial institution. Some banks and credit unions have commented that they wish that real-time payments would be a regulatory mandate so they could skip the difficult exercise of trying to justify the cost,” commented Sarah Grotta, Director, Debit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group, and author of the report.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Overview of the Federal Reserve’s expectations for real-time payments in the U.S.
  • An overview of the real-time payments market participants
  • Discussion of markets players’ revenue opportunities
  • Description of probable use cases and the benefits the end users may derive
  • Why real-time payments is a long-term play and short-term profit will be elusive

One of the 2 exhibits included in this research report:

Justifying Real-Time Payments in the United States

This Foresight has 9 pages and 2 exhibits. 


Companies mentioned in this report include: ACI, FIS, Fiserv, JackHenry, JP Morgan, Mastercard, and The Clearing House. 

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Download this complimentary ForeSight report, Justifying Real-Time Payments in the United States, for free.

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