Mercator Advisory Group Delivers Exceptional Value through Focused Offerings

Mercator Advisory Group is exclusively focused on the application of technology and its impact on business process in the consumer payments industry.  This approach has led its members to receive unmatched value through a tight alignment of corporate interests with the ongoing research and advisory work of the firm.  No other independent resource available in the market today delivers as much directly relevant content.


According to one member firm, ?While we maintain subscriptions with many research providers, we have not seen this level of commitment to this space.  This makes all the difference in the world when engaging with analysts on inquiries.?  Another states, ?It is all about an efficient allocation of resources.  Mercator Advisory Group allows us to be certain our research expenditure is directly focused on the areas of importance to our group?.


Mercator Advisory Group released three new research reports today.  Each report delivers analysis on topics that shape to the payments landscape: 

  • Advanced Functionality ATMs: A New Presence for the 21st Century
  • Account Acquisition Strategies: Profitability Drivers and Market Analysis
  • Mobile Payment Initiatives: Rethinking the Strategy

Robert Misasi, President & CEO, commented, ?We are extremely pleased to welcome our new members.  Their feedback and utilization validate our market strategy which is based upon dedicated focus and commitment to exceptional service.?



About Mercator Advisory Group


Mercator Advisory Group is the leading independent research and advisory service firm focused exclusively on the consumer payments industry.  They provide actionable insight and analysis on the impact of technology on business process with an emphasis on the opportunity for new revenue generation and cost reduction.


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