Mercator Advisory Group Announces New Deliverable Formats Adding Notes and Viewpoints

Boston, MA -- Mercator Advisory Group is pleased to announce an expansion in service deliverables and the introduction of three new document types which will be identified by the below icons on our website:

Research Reports - These will continue to be the 20-30+ page documents that have made up our written research deliverables to date.  This format allows us to take a detailed look at strategic issues and allows for deep content and analysis.

Research Notes - These will typically be 4-6+ pages in length looking at issues that can be addressed in a shorter piece.  This may include individual case studies, updates to prior reports, timely articles on recent critical events, or strategic executive summaries and briefing reports that benefit from the concise treatment.

Research Viewpoints - These will be 2+ page pieces giving Mercator's opinions on recent news events, reactions to major changes in the strategic landscape, recent M&A activity, market developments, or highlights on new products/services.  They are designed to be timely, provocative, forward-thinking, perspective building pieces that enable Mercator to express insights and opinions with a shorter development cycle than our longer pieces. 


Robert Misasi, President of Mercator Advsiory Group comments, "We are continually looking at new ways to serve our members.  We strongly believe that this mix of deliverable formats will enable us to: 1) continue to deliver the depth of content everyone has come to expect, and 2) enable us to delivery impactful, timely pieces where appropriate through the new Note, and Viewpoint formats.  We will now be delivering 20+ unique written deliverables per service area per year (a minimum of 10+ Reports, 5+ Notes and 5+ Viewpoints per service), significantly building upon prior written production levels."

Mercator Advisory Group's Research Memberships are now avialable in each of the following seven service areas (in blue): 


Memberships include:

  • Deliverables
    • 20+ written research deliverables (10+ Research Reports, 5+ Research Notes, and 5+ Research Viewpoints) per service area per year and related Powerpoint presentations 
    • Direct, unlimited analyst access to the research team (for each service area selected)
    • Direct, limited access firm-wide to all Mercator Advisory Group research teams (for all research areas)
    • Access to ALL back research in the service(s) selected
    • 15 login IDs per service (IDs access all subscribed areas)
    • One dedicated day of analyst time to be used as you see fit.  For client conferences, market strategy presentations, third-rd party strategy validations, training sessions, etc.