Mercator Advisory Group Announces New Advisory Service: Fraud, Risk & Analytics

Focus includes data analytics' role in fraud and risk management, operations optimization, and customer intelligence

Boston, MA -- Mercator Advisory Group, the leading, independent research and advisory services firm focused exclusively on the payments and banking industries, today announces the launch of the Fraud, Risk & Analytics (FRA) Advisory Service.

Data's growing availability and abundance are shifting how risk managers and marketing leaders make technology choices, evaluate opportunities, and design programs. As data sources increase, the potential of data analytics to minimize fraud and risk expenses offers improved cost control in cost-sensitive areas such as debit card issuing and e-commerce retail. 

The effectiveness of the analytics, however, is dependent on myriad technical and soft factors such as database technology, process integration, regulatory and industry compliance and shifting behavior patterns among fraudsters and legitimate customers. The need to critically evaluate such factors within a rapidly evolving environment led Mercator Advisory Group to develop the new Fraud, Risk & Analytics Advisory Service. 

Fraud, Risk & Analytics Advisory Service will focus on the use of analytics in controlling fraud risk in various payments products lines, uncovering new opportunities, monitoring developments that impact growth, and highlighting regulatory and technological imperatives affecting all stakeholders.  

Principle focus areas of the Fraud, Risk & Analytics Advisory Service include:
Fraud detection, identity, and authentication

Risk mitigation

Data analytics

Social media, mobile data, payments, and privacy

Opportunities for growth/emerging markets

"Financial reputation based on credit scores is merging with the reputation of online identities and social data to develop fine grained risk management," said George Peabody, director of the FRA Advisory Service. "That intersection raises the operational, policy, and privacy issues that are a major focus for Mercator's new advisory service."

Payments industry professionals in a wide range of business lines are increasing their use of broader data sets and analytical processes to achieve their market goals saysDavid Fish, senior analyst of the FRA Advisory Service.

"Fraud and risk management operatives will find value in Mercator's new advisory service, as will executives across the organizations who are seeking insight and understanding of the implications of Big Data and analytics in a wider market context," Fish said.

The first 2012 report of the new service, Card-Not-Present Risk Management Across the Value Chain, will be released this month.
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