Five New Titles from Mercator Advisory Group

Below are links to five new research Notes and Viewpoints from Mercator Advisory Group:

  P2P Lending: Why Not P2B2P?  
  Mobile Payment Case Studies: UMPay and China's Mobile Payment Market  
  A Seamless POS Future: Moving Order Entry and Payments into an iPod  
  Mobile Banking: Just Getting Off the Ground  
  Merchant Cash Advance: Industry Primer and 2008 Outlook


Research Reports - These will continue to be the 20-30+ page documents that have made up our written research deliverables to date.  This format allows us to take a detailed look at strategic issues and allows for deep content and analysis.

Research Notes - These will typically be 4-6+ pages in length looking at issues that can be addressed in a shorter piece.  This may include individual case studies, updates to prior reports, timely articles on recent critical events, or strategic executive summaries and briefing reports that benefit from the concise treatment.

Research Viewpoints - These will be 2+ page pieces giving Mercator's opinions on recent news events, reactions to major changes in the strategic landscape, recent M&A activity, market developments, or highlights on new products/services.  They are designed to be timely, provocative, forward-thinking, perspective building pieces that enable Mercator to express insights and opinions with a shorter development cycle than our longer pieces.