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    2021 North American PaymentsInsights: The State of the Consumer Market – Prepaid/Gift, Credit, and Debit Cards

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    2021 U.S. North American PaymentsInsights: Subscriptions, Bill Pay, and Consumer Fraud Experience

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    2021 North American PaymentsInsights: Canada – Fraud and Shifting Consumer Payments Preferences

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    North American PaymentsInsights, U.S.: Data Summary Report; ATM Usage and Preferences

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    2021 North American PaymentsInsights, Canada - Data Summary Report: ATM Usage and Preferences

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North American PaymentsInsights


Twice each year, Mercator Advisory Group’s North American PaymentsInsights. a tracking study, delivers survey data and valuable insights on trends in consumer behavior and attitudes. Two separate surveys – one with respect to payment products, and the other regarding emerging payment and technology developments – are fielded to two online panels of nationally representative households — 3,000 in the United States and 1,000 in Canada. Among other important issues, the surveys’ results reflect changes in consumer attitudes as the shift toward mobile platforms continues, new technology emerges, and creative loyalty programs and alternative payment tools and service offerings gain greater appeal.

Clients who subscribe to North American PaymentsInsights, a tracking study, not only benefit from Mercator’s broad payments industry expertise and the extensive work we do with and/or on behalf of our member clients, but they also gain from Mercator’s professional research capabilities to develop highly topical and relevant questions that have significant impact on payments and channel delivery business strategy. The membership offering includes all North American data sets going back as far as 2009 and as many “ad hoc” queries of the data sets as needed. In addition to the cross-tabulations provided, within the subscription year we also offer one custom recut of the banners against member-specific categories in order to make the data as relevant to the member organization as possible. It is Mercator analysts’ depth of experience in addressing strategic issues, Mercator’s consistency of tracking year-over-year trends, and the flexibility we demonstrate working with our members to answer custom data queries that differentiate this offering from other survey-based products.

Our clients use our data to explore issues such as:

  • Understanding the use of IoT on consumer payments
  • Sizing the mobile payment market
  • Uncovering security and fraud issues consumers are facing
  • How new ways of making payments are affecting consumer behavior
  • Attitudes toward new recurring payments services
  • How consumers are navi- gating the many ways to pay bills
  • The dynamics of payments including prepaid, credit, and debit in their many forms
  • Card acquisition and usage
  • Online and offline payments

 The surveys are based on: 

  • A national online panel of 3,000 U.S. adult households reflective of U.S. Census consumer demographics. A panel of 1,000 nationally representative households in Canada.
  • The North American PaymentsInsights surveys U.S. and Canadian consumers semi- annually. The Payments survey is conducted each June, and the Emerging Payments and Technology survey is conducted each November. We also have available a European PaymentsInsights that includes a panel of 7,000 households across seven countries.
  • The robust surveys provide a projectable sample of consumer data, even among sub-segments.
  • Each year, Mercator updates the surveys with questions on the latest topics and issues to help clients identify new opportunities and better understand the disrupters to payments and channels.

Annual subscription benefits to North American PaymentsInsights offerings:

  • Includes cross-tabulation data from the two annual surveys
  • Provides eight “Insight Summary Reports” summarizing the survey findings by topic and presenting analysis and critical insight into the latest payment technologies and channel trends
  • Identifies key shifts and year-over-year trends in consumer payment preferences
  • Evaluates consumer use/interest in traditional and emerging banking products/services
  • Pinpoints when and why consumers choose their payment method and banking preferences
  • Highlights interest and use of new payment types, banking concepts, and tools
  • Incorporates country-level analyses where appropriate

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