Why Mercator?

By joining Mercator Advisory Group, you benefit from:

Our commitment to Depth, Focus, and Service as well as our position as the leading independent provider of research and analysis for the payments industry.

DEPTH. Our analysts combine deep industry experience with robust industry experience. Many members of the Mercator team have over 20 years of directly relevant expertise.

FOCUS. Mercator Advisory Group’s unique grouping of focused services delivers significant impact for your research dollar. Our granular research approach offers your company enhanced value including:

  • Analyst interactions
  • Data relevancy
  • Nuanced understanding of the marketplace

Alternative research services do not offer as many analysts or objective reports focused on payment related topics.

SERVICE. We are committed to serving our members as an extension of staff, and we illustrate that commitment by offering firm-wide access and direct access to our analysts. As a boutique, privately-held firm, we are able to exercise the control and flexibility needed to deliver superior service to your company.

Our position as an independent, objective, third-party resource

  • Enables 3rd party validation efforts
  • Provides company privacy while conducting fact-finding efforts on your behalf

Obtaining needed information while managing costs

  • Mercator augments internal market research and enhances your ability to compete effectively
  • Our team and resources can be added for a fraction of their cost due to cost-sharing across Mercator membership

We believe such research services and benefits are critically important for your business.

  • Information gathering is crucial to understanding an ever-changing environment.
  • Research services maximize internal efficiencies. External research services enable anonymity in fact-finding/data-gathering.
  • External research services enhance and build credibility in marketing and sales.
  • External research services provide validation for business case development.