Primary Data and Analytics

Mercator Advisory Group's Primary Data and Analytics Survey Series' offers a library of valuable resources that combine relevant payments data with experiential survey analysis focused on today's most critical and strategic issues.

Our Primary Data and Analytics Survey Series' leverage customized surveys that are topical in nature, with a concentration on the most pertinent payments issues. Mercator is able to strongly recognize topics of current interest to the payments industries due to our in-depth coverage of these industries and the level of input we receive from our valued clients.

Access to our various Survey Series libraries are offered as a subscription-based membership, separate of Mercator's Advisory Services because it is composed of large sample surveys, a compilation of primary data (Cross Tabs), analysis (summaries of the data sets) and companion power points. This collection of cost-effective primary data and analysis can be leveraged to validate research initiatives and business strategies, refine operations and fulfill objectives.

The Primary Data and Analytics programs include: