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Are Card Brands Disappearing at the POS?

The major card payment brands cannot be complacent if they want to remain the dominant payment brands. The mobile payment applications on smartphones today are the foundation for a multitude of future commerce offerings both in-store and virtually. They are utilizing existing payment card brands and infrastructure to establish a foothold but are positioned to become the payment mechanism for point-of-sale transactions, online shopping, and contextual commerce in the years to come.


Are the U.S. Chip Rules Enough?

The United States is finally modernizing its card payment systems and confronting fraud with rules regarding use of the global EMV chip card standard starting on October 1, 2015. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to be done before we can say the U.S. payment system is up to speed with the rest of the world on chip card security. And given the focus on “chip” by itself, it will be a long time before overall fraud losses are reduced and consumer fears about data compromise addressed. Decisions and investments made today should take a longer term view of security and the payments landscape.