Real-time Payments Summit 2019

Real-time Payments Summit 2019 

New York, NY

Date: November 14, 2019

Real-Time Payments or Faster payments are set to drive the most significant transformation in the global payments landscape since the introduction of today’s electronic payment mechanisms.

Consumers expect to pay for and receive their purchases as fast as possible -24*7*365 days. Merchants on the other hand, expect to have the certainty to be paid as soon as they release their goods and services, enhance their cash flow management, reduce fraud activity and provide incremental value to their customers.

Regulators and central authorities are also aiming to modernize legacy payment infrastructure, promote digitization of the economy, and fair competition, through Real Time Payments.

Kinfos Events identified the growing interest on this key topic and are hereby, presenting the third annual of Real-time Payment Summit 2019, New York.

Join this one of a kind event to meet all the key stakeholders as well as obtain latest insights on Real Time Payments, Federal Reserve Systems Faster Payments initiative for a safe , ubiquitous, faster payments capabilities in the US, latest regulations/ISO20022, deadlines, strategies, investments, challenges, key drivers/benefits, business cases, vendor landscape and much more.