Corporate Buyers Need Their Suppliers’ Participation for e-Payment Program Success

Mercator Advisory Group webinar examines why supplier enablement strategies are needed for payers implementing automated payment programs

Gone are the days when corporate buyers dictated payment method to suppliers. What was once payers’ prerogative—determining how they paid their suppliers—is now becoming a joint decision between suppliers and buyers.

According to Mercator Advisory Group's recent report, e-Payment Program Success Relies on Supplier Enablement Strategy, merchants are loudly saying “no” when approached by their buyers to join a network and accept card or ACH for payment. Consequently, buyers are realizing that their automated payment programs are only as successful as their enablement of key merchants.

Amy Hoke, Director of Mercator Advisory Group’s Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service will explore this topic and discuss findings from her recent e-Payment Program Success Relies on Supplier Enablement Strategy report.

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