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CustomerMonitor Survey Series

The CustomerMonitor Survey Series delivers a method to monitor critical changes in customer attitudes and behaviors toward payment products and channel usage that shift with changing economic times, channel usage (mobile device use, Internet use, etc.) and with differing product and service offerings (for example: the use of loyalty programs, prepaid offerings, etc.).

Mercator Advisory Group draws upon our broad industry expertise, clients and extensive research capabilities to develop highly topical and relevant questions that impact payments and channel delivery business strategy. It is Mercator Advisory Group’s experience base to answer strategic issues, its consistency of tracking year-over-year trends, and the flexibility working with our members to have public and/or private questions addressed, that differentiate this offering from other survey-based products.

Further, this catalog of primary survey results is offered an exceptional value due to Mercator’s business model that permits access to the full catalog of previous years’ surveys for all users throughout the year of service. Mercator has designed this program to be a continuous series of surveys that are fielded to monitor the shifts in behavior.

Full year subscription to the CustomerMonitor Survey Series reports:

  • Provide critical industry insight into the latest payment technologies and channel trends.
  • Identify key shifts and year-over-year trends in consumer payment preferences.
  • Evaluate consumer use and interest in traditional and emerging banking products and services.
  • Pinpoint when and why consumers choose their payment method and banking preferences.
  • Highlight interest and use of new payment types, banking concepts and tools.


  • 8 reports on payment and banking channel topics.
  • Cross-tabulation reports to provide segment differentiation on each survey question.
  • PowerPoint slides to facilitate copyrighted use in client presentations or white papers.
  • Full access to data library of CustomerMonitor Survey Series (CMSS) reports since 2009.

Based on:

  • Online panel of 3,000 U.S. adult households reflective of U.S. Census consumer demographics.
  • Surveyed twice a year - once in May/June and once in October using national research panel.
  • Provides statistically significant customer data, even among sub-segments.


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