Consulting Services

Custom Consulting Projects That Deliver Results 

Mercator Advisory Group has a proven track record of developing solutions that bring immediate impact to our clients. Below are some example projects where we helped to answer the questions our customers were asking.:

Are you looking to optimize your strategy from a payments solution or brand perspective?
Mercator can help you improve your brand or product profitability through the development of a strategy that takes into account your market position, competiton, and current industry dynamics.

Example projects:
Do your needs require solid market and/or competitive understanding?
Mercator can enable a full understanding of your brand potential by developing a bespoke market analysis that assess your industry vertical, geographic market and capabilities relative to your competitors.

Example projects:
Are you in need of specialized planning and implementation guidance to help you go farther faster?
Mercator can accelerate your company growth through short term projects designed to enable quick decisions on product direction with a jump start on implementation. 

Example projects:
Are you seeking to differentiate your company and its offerings and position yourself in the “blue ocean?”
Mercator can collect the voice of your customers and synthesize their feedback into meaningful and actionable insights.

Example projects: 

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