Consulting Services

Mercator's Advantage: Fact-Based Insights and Advice, Delivered Efficiently


Mercator Advisory Group delivers expert strategic advice, proprietary research, payments industry training, and highly customized Go-to-Market collateral to payments industry participants. We help our clients develop business strategies, fine-tune product development and pricing, educate new employees, define and implement marketing campaigns, and evaluate market entry strategies. Mercator Advisory Group provides clients with custom-designed quantitative and qualitative research that deliver the combination of data, analysis, and opinion needed to support strategic and tactical decisions.

Research gathers the facts and insights and this enables Mercator Advisory Group to have continuous relationships throughout the industry.

Consulting projects can then be delivered very efficiently, providing fact-based insights and advice (drawing from research and relationships). The direct experience from our project work informs our research agenda and keeps our analysis relevant and timely. This in turn gives us a head start on delivering project work efficiently. 


Representative Services:

To illustrate the wide range of payments consulting services, we’ve provided additional detail on representative engagements. Click on the link below to learn more about some of the primary consulting services we regularly participate in:

Representative Services

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